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Clients For Minecraft 1.12.2


More about the rootnet client. For anyone that has not heard of the rootnet client it is yet another

Lava Hack

More about Lava Hack For Minecraft 1.12.2! For anyone that has not heard about Lava HackIt is a Russian

Paragon Client

More about The Paragon Client! For anyone that hasn’t heard about Paragon it is a free and open source

Troll Hack

More about Troll Hack.   For anyone that hasn’t heard about Troll hack before, it is a Free and

Forge Hax

More about Forge Hax: Forgehax is yet another free and open source client that can be found on github!

Kami Blue

More about Kami Blue Kami Blue was once a very popular client for anarchy servers. The client was built

Oyvey Client

More about Oyvey For Minecraft Oyvey was going to be a paid for client, but after one of the

Cookie Client

More about The Cookie Client: Cookie client is a free and open source project that can be found on

Xulu Client

More about the Xulu Client Xulu is a free and open source client built for Minecraft 1.12.2! Unfortunately There

Spider Mod (AKA Salhack)

More about The Spider Mod Or Salhack Salhack became famous after videos of its automatic dupe module spread on

Momentum Client

More about The Momentum Client Momentum is a 1.12.2 Forge Utility Mod, designed for anarchy servers.Unfortunately Momentum has been

Vape V4

More About vape v4 & a 10% discount code. Self described as steroids for Minecraft, vape claims to be

Vape Lite

More about Vape Lite: Vape Is a well known and very popular hacked client for Minecraft. The Vape Lite

Postman Client

More about The Postman Client: Postman is another free and open source client on Github, unfortunately it’s development has

Pyro Client 2.0

More about Pyro 2.0 For Minecraft 1.12.2: The client was first released with a working auto dupe module that

Inertia Client

More about the Inertia Hacked Client: Inertia is mainly a Utility client with a few decent pvp modules.The client

Wolfram Client

More about The Wolfram Client. Wolfram is a hacked client for Minecraft that allows you to do all kinds

Gamesense + +

More about Gamesense Plus Plus: Gamesense Plus Plus was a private client until it got leaked and then released,

Cosmos Client

More about The Cosmos Client: Cosmos is a free and open source client that can be found on github.The

Earth Hack

More about The Earth Hack: Earth Hack is yet another free and open source client that can be found

Lambda Client

More about Lambda! Lambda is a free, open-source, Minecraft hack / hacked client 1.12.2 utility mod made for the

Impact Client

Learn More about Impact For Minecraft: The Impact client is an advanced utility hack / hacked client for Minecraft,

Future Client

More about the Future Client! So some people may be wondering is Future still worth $20 USD in 2022?

Creepy Salhack

More about Creepy Salhack: A few months ago Creepy salhack became famous after videos of its automatic dupe module

Seppuku Client

More about the Seppuku Hacked Client: Seppuku is definitely one of the better Free clients for Minecraft 1.12.2. I

Gamesense Client

More about the Gamesense Minecraft Client: Gamesense is yet another open source client that can be found on github.

Wurst Plus Three

More about Wurst Plus Three: Wurst is slightly different to all of the other clients I have reviewed so

Rusher Hack

More about Rusherhack! Rusherhack is not a free client and costs $20 USD. Once you have parched Rusherhack with

Konas Client

More about Konas! Konas is a paid for utility and pvp client for Minecraft 1.12.2 This client can be

Phobos Client (Safe)

More about Phobos! Everyone knows phobos as that sketchy client that had malware in it. Even the infamous Fit

Abyss Client

More about Abyss: Abyss offers its users a wide range of pvp hacks, they all seem to be quite

Catalyst Client

More about the Catalyst Client! The Catalyst client is Free and open source for everyone! Catalyst offers its users

Wurst Client

The Ultimate Guide to the Wurst Hacked Client: Features, Tips, and Tricks The Wurst Hacked Client is a popular,

Aristois Client

Improve Your Minecraft Gameplay with the Aristois Client | Forge Client For Minecraft 1.19.3 The Aristois Minecraft Hack Client


More about the Ares Minecraft client! The Ares Minecraft Hacked Client is free and open source and it can